Beach and Bark trail run, 11th December 2022

For the second time this year, NHH hosted the Beach and Bark trail run in Castletown / Dunnet. 

20 Harriers participated this season, neatly breaking down into 4 groups of 5 runners. 

The icy conditions on the beach were a bit of a surprise and proved to be a surmountable challenge.  However, despite the low temperature, the winds were very light and for most of the time there was no rain. Only when the runners were nice and toasty was there some sleety rain. 

Overall, our runners all thoroughly enjoyed the event. The results are available here.

Afterward, there was welcome tea, coffee and quality biscuits in the Castlehill Heritage centre, where it was warm and dry. It was really nice for everyone to get together again. 

Many thanks to Robbie Anderson for assisting with registration and timing, Tony Chalmers and Alison Smith, for setting up and marshalling at the north end of the beach and in Dunnet forest, and to Ian Walker for liaison with Castlehill Heritage Centre. 

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