2020/21 Committee Members

Chair – Sandy Christie

Vice-chair – Michael Aitken

Secretary – Donna Stewart

Treasurer – Malcolm Lord

Head Coach – Sophie Dunnett

Wick Representative – Fiona Bremner

Wick Representative – Yvonne Richard

Thurso Representative – Dean Bowman

Thurso Representative – David Orr

Safeguard Officer and First Aid Co-ordinator – Ian Walker

Committee Member – John Budge

Minute Secretary and COVID-19 Officer – Vicki Teven

2020/21 Club Roles

Social Media Lead – Louise Hunt

Membership Secretary – Fiona Malcolm

Trail Series and Beinn Ratha Race Co-ordinator  – Sandy Christie

Wick Gala 5k Co-ordinator – Simon Harrison

Race Co-ordinator – Donna Stewart

Cross Country Club Captain – David Spencer

NHH Kit – David Orr

Website Lead – Donna Stewart