Book your training for Tuesday 27 April by pressing the button below for the training you wish to attend. You then must complete the form to book – you cannot attend training if you have not booked.

Wick – meet at the Riverside Carpark at 5.25pm

Thurso – meet at the Viewfirth at 5.25pm

Training – Week commencing 03 May 2021

10WU, 11x100m@90%  effort with 300m/2min jog rec, 10WD. Pace hard effort
Thursday –
15WU, 10, 10*1, 10 / 60s RT, 15WD. Pace 5k
Member Guidelines – updated 20 April 2021

On Tuesday 27 April we are delighted to be able to re-start training squads. To begin with we will be holding training on Tuesday evenings with only one squad group of up to 15 people including the Coach/Jog Leader. To ensure we do not exceed this number we have instigated a booking system, details of which are above.

Due to a change in Government requirements training will be different from when we re-started in September as we must be physical distant during training, as well as before and after training. This means keeping a 2m side by side and 5m single file distance during training.

You must be a member of NHH to attend training; there is no exception to this rule which is required for us to record and maintain records of attendance and pass onto relevant authorities if required whilst complying with GDPR.

To abide by Scottish Athletics requirements the following rules have been implemented and must be followed:

  1. You must book for training via our website.
  2. Please do not turn up to training if you have not booked via the website.
  3. Please turn up at 5.25pm at your training location and keep your distance from your fellow runners.
  1. Do not arrive after the session has started.
  2. Physical distancing is now required during training. You must keep a 2m side by side and 5m single file distance during training.
  3. If you need to leave part-way through please let your Coach / Jog Leader know.

To being with, the following club sessions are being offered:

  • Wick – Tuesday, 5.30pm, Riverside carpark – grass reps
  • Thurso – Tuesday, 5.30pm, Viewfirth, Castlegreen Road side – grass reps

Whilst at training, we must also be very mindful of the public and considerate of their shared right to access areas and the need to maintain social distancing; having to stop for 5sec to let someone pass you will not affect your world record attempt.

Members should bring everything to training that you need, as there will be no sharing of equipment, eg water bottles, and you must be responsible for all of your personal belongings.

We are aware that for some members the prospect of going from running solo to coming back to training may be quite daunting. We will be there when you are ready. If you have any worries, and think you may need additional support or would just like a friendly chat please do not hesitate to contact the Welfare Officer using the e-mail address.

Members are strongly reminded not to turn up for training if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are self isolating. In accordance with the national NHS Test and Protect scheme if you test positive for COVID-19 you will be asked to provide details of all people you have been in close contact with. If you have attended training you do not need to identify the other members, but simply provide the e-mail address to the Contact Tracers.

 You will find the SA framework and guidance here.