Meeting Points for Tuesday and Thursday night training

Wick – Riverside Carpark, 5.25pm

Thurso Black Hut, Janet Street, 5.25pm

Training and other opportunities currently offered by NHH is available by clicking here.

Training – Wk commencing 17th June


10WU, 7, 3×3, 7, 3×3, 7 with 90s jog between, 10WD Pace 10k



15WU, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 with 90s RT, 15WD. Pace 5k

Wick pack run

A fuller explanation of these sessions have been sent to members on an e-mail and also on a facebook post.

Remember with all sessions you run them at your own pace and the recoveries can be taken as a walk or gentle jog.  Ask the Coaches and Leaders and questions if you are unsure of anything……..we are here to help.

Explanation of training session ‘shorthand’

Here is an explanation of a recent session…

15WU, 4*3, 5*4, 4*3 / 60s RT, 15WD. Pace 10k

WU = Warm-Up: carried out at the start of the session. 15WU means a 15 minute warm-up. This is done at various paces depending on the runner. The pace should be slow enough so that you can chat to other Harriers about all the other runs you have done or are planning

4*3: The first number in a pair is the number of times the repetition should be carried out, and the second number is the time in minutes. So, for example, 4*3 means four reps each lasting three minutes long.

4*3, 5*4, 4*3: this is the Thursday session. In this case, the session comprises of h three sets. The first set comprises of four repetitions of running for three minutes. The second set comprises running five repetitions of four minutes, and the third and final set is the same as the first set.

60s RT = 60 second Recovery Time: Applied to the above session, it means that in between every repetition and between every set you recover for 60 seconds. This can be a walk or a slow jog, depending upon runner’s ability and fitness.

WD =  Warm Down. Normally 15 minutes, but at each runners own discretion (usually their run back home).

Pace 10k = you should be running the session (excluding the recovery time) at your 10k pace.

So, to sum up the session starts with a 15 minute warm-up, then the session itself, comprising of three sets, each separated by 60 seconds recovery time. The first set starts with a three minute run, followed by a 60 second recovery. This is repeat another four times i.e. 4*3 to complete the first set. After 60 seconds, the second set of a four minute run repeated five times all with 60 seconds recover, followed by the third set.  Finally, there is the 15 minute warm-down.