Limekiln trail run, Sunday 9th January 2022

The weather was cold with light winds, but bright and sunny for our first run of 2022. Indeed, this was the first time the Limekilns trail had been run. Although based mostly on the former Raey Classic trail, the reverse route and changes brought about by the construction of the wind farm have given this route a fresh feel.

After running east to the end of Raey village, the outward section was a succession of tough little climbs southward, but the new access track that should be runnable in all weathers. The clearance of forest on the homeward/downhill section has opened up fine views west to Beinn Ratha and north to Sanside bay, and they looked fine in the low winter sunshine. The route would be worth of a run on a nice summer’s moring /evening! 

There was an excelent turnout with 32 Harriers in total – 27 running the long route, and 5 running the short route. It was really great to see such a good turnout with a few people we hadn’t seen in a while. 

Thanks to Sophie Dunnett for setting out the course and to marshalls El Rico Hunt, Willie Miller, Marion Budge and Greame Dunnett for looking out for all the runners. Thanks also to Willie and Graeme for the photos. 

Photos coming soon!

Link to results is here.

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