Return to Training – 28 August Update

Member Guidelines
Return to training. Please ensure you read these before attending training. Any questions please e-mail
We have been waiting since the 23rd March and finally have the green light to return to structured squad training. We all want to do this in a safe manner and as such every club member attending squads MUST read the following SA Guidelines for Athletes:
All runners attending squad sessions MUST be current NHH members; there is no exception to this rule which is required for us to record and maintain records of attendance and pass onto relevant authorities if required whilst complying with GDPR.
As an off-track club, we will be forming squad bubbles of up to 15 runners including the Coach/Jog Leader. Due to coaching numbers, we will be able to accommodate a maximum of 30 members and coaches. Members should turn up at training ideally 10min before squad to allow a record of all runners to be taken for government contact tracing purposes. Members are not permitted to arrive after the session has started.
To being with, the following club sessions are being offered:
  • Wick – Tuesday, 5.30pm, Riverside carpark – reps
  • Thurso – Tuesday, 5.30pm, Riverside Hut – reps
Once you arrive at training you will be allocated a squad bubble with your own Coach / Jog Leader and you must stay in that squad bubble for the full session. Social distancing must be adhered to before and after sessions but is not a requirement during the actual session, i.e. from the point we start a warm up to the point we finish a warm down. If you leave part way through the session, please remember to let your Coach/Jog Leader know and leave the area immediately.
We are aware that for some members the prospect of going from running solo for 5 months to coming back to a full squad may be quite daunting. We will be there when you are ready. If you have any worries, and think you may need additional support or would just like a friendly chat please do not hesitate to contact the Welfare Officer using the e-mail address.
Whilst at training, we must also be very mindful of the public and considerate of their shared right to access paths and pavements and the need to maintain social distancing;
having to stop for 5sec to let someone through a narrow section will not affect your world record attempt.
Members should bring everything to training that you need, as there will be no sharing of equipment, eg water bottles, and you must be responsible for all of your personal belongings.
Members are strongly reminded not to turn up for training if any of the advice in Section 1 of the SA Guidelines for Athletes applies to you. In accordance with the national NHS Test and Protect scheme if you test positive for COVID-19 you will be asked to provide details of all people you have been in close contact with. If you have attended training you do not need to identify the other members, but simply provide the e-mail address to the Contact Tracers.

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