Caithness Half Results

The results for the Caithness Half are now available on the Caithness Half page of our website. Congratulations to all the runners on a very warm Caithness day.

Many thanks to all our volunteers today, without who the race would not happen. 

The prize winners were:


1st  – Greg Shearer, North Highland Harriers, 1:18:28

2nd – Calum Faulkner, Highland Hill Runners, 1:22:13

3rd – Kenny Macgruer, North Highland Harriers, 1:24:00

1st Master – Andrew Sutherland, Maryhill Harriers, 1:32:38

1st Master Over 50 – Kevin Cormack, North Highland Harriers, 1:31:33


1st  – Amy Hudson, InvernessHarriers, 1:38:12

2nd – Hannah Paterson, North Highland Harriers, 1:45:11

3rd – Marianne Wilson, North Highland Harriers, 1:46:06

1st Master and 2nd Female Overall – Allison Wilson, Inverness Harriers, 1:43:22

1st Master Over 50 – Sophie Dunnett, North Highland Harriers, 1:59:15

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