Virtual Trails: 27 March Р27 June 2021

NHH Trail Series Instructions

  1. Follow all advice given in NHH Series Safety Plan, which you can find here.
  2. Trail series will run from 27 March to 27 June 2021 (3 months).
  3. There are 6 trails in the series – Baillie Wind Farm, Beach and Bark, Blingery, Broubster, Rumster Forest and Telford Trail.
  4. No limit on how many times you run/jog/walk each route.
  5. Strava maps have been created for each trail, if you are the first to record arun, please create a segment.
  6. Record the best time for each route and submit to the NHH email at the end of the series by 4 July 2021 with your details.
  7. Name, age at the time of the run, trail run name and garmin / strava screen shot of route and time should all be submitted
  8. The trails points will be calculated using the wave score.
  9. You do not have to run all routes to participate in the virtual trail series.

Baillie Wind Farm Route

Baillie Wind Farm

Beach and Bark Route

Beach and Bark

Blingery Route

Broubster Forest Route

Rumster Forest Route

Rumster Forest

Telford Route